Saturday, August 16, 2008

Skank Baby, Skank!!

Dear Retailers,
My six year old is not a skank. Please stop dressing her like one.

Sigh....Willow just jumped to the next size. Apparently size 4-6 is normal little girls clothing. The next section is 7 -12/14. See a problem? I do. Twelve and 14 year olds WANT to show off their booties. On the flipside of the backside issue is that first graders are generally horrified if anyone seers their skivvies. Her bottom is sticking out of the jeans! Poor little thing tried on about 40 pairs of jeans this week to find something that doesn't show off her Princess panties when she sits down. All the cute jeans with embroidery and sparkles are too low cut. Finally after much dragging around town we found some basic, no frills jeans that somehow cover her backside. Unfortunately the no frills part is also no thrills....she wants the sparkles. SO, it looks like I will be sewing this weekend, adding a little something to those jeans. I figure I will have them done in time for her to be growing out of them! Off to find my thimble.....

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CassJustCurious said...

LL Bean or Lands End. That's the way to go to keep your little one un-skanked! And you are so right about the size jump. Limited Too could be re-named Mini-Whore-o-Rific