Friday, February 13, 2009

Who you callin' fat?

I walk into my bathroom last night and there's this Post-It note above my sink. Hard to see but it says No Breakfast with a little drawing of a sad face. What?! No breakfast? I love breakfast! It's one of my three favorite meals! Who could have left this note? And why? I turn around for a quick glance at the rear view...things are no bigger than yesterday. Why the note? My jeans are fitting O.K. Still wondering who could have done this and why in the world they think I do not deserve my morning meal. It can't be the kids...they write like serial killers and this note is totally legible. The animals clearly didn't put it there as their lack of opposable thumbs would make this a difficult task. The only option left is either a: My husband or b: a strange intruder. I would almost prefer to think its an intruder. Gary certainly values our marriage far too much to suggest I skip breakfast. This had me perplexed til Gary walked by the office and mentioned not to take his note down off the mirror. Because he had to get up at 4 and be at work early. For that physical he told me about. For a blood test. A fasting blood test. And he didn't want to accidentally eat.
Um, yeah I remembered that. Right.

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Laurie said...

LOL - cute post :)