Thursday, April 30, 2009

WTF Wednesday....workout edition!

I guess its that time of year, when you're supposed to freak about bathing suit season. I am taking part in this annual ritual and trying to get into better shape. But there's all these barriers. Total "what the....." kind of barriers!
For example:
WTF stinky man at the gym. If I time my whole day to avoid the morning crowd, the scary TV time (really, ask me sometime!) and then the lunch crowd, I get there at 1pm. There are maybe three or four people in the cardio room. There are 50 or so machines. Now, these three people will usually be older ladies, riding the bikes in the back and chatting. Then there's me, using a treadmill in peace and quiet at the front. Then IT happens. Old guy. Sweat. Cologne that is gross on its own and worse over sweat. 30 empty treadmills. And you KNOW where he's going. Next to me, every time! I need to figure out what it is about me that attracts stinky old men (not you Gary!)
So since the gym isn't working out for running lately, I gotta take it to the streets. Then there's that whole pesky stray big dog thing that gives me mini heart attacks (hey, do mini heart attacks burn any calories???Hmmm...). So in taking it to the streets, I have two more WTF issues.

WTF My shoes. I have pretty much always worn Nike Triax or Nike Pegasus. They work pretty good for my strange stride. I put a couple hundred miles on them, then go get a new pair, never had any issues. Now keep in mind, these run about a hundred bucks. I get my most recent pair and these things are terrible. They hurt my shins, my back and my knees. I need to replace them already. Ridiculous.

WTF Running skirts. These cute little running skirts have been popular the last year or so and I'd been wanting one but having a hard time justifying it since I have too many pairs of running shorts. Well, I found a cute one on sale and decided to give it a try today. HAHAHAHA! These are designed for anything BUT running! They are a teeny bit big on me, so my can of pepper spray was pulling them down (see: big dog phobia!). If you dare break the speed of a quick jog, the skirt part flops everywhere. So these are now relegated to walks with the girls and maybe some gym time, but street running? Never again.

Maybe getting in shape is too complicated.

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Mary said...

Oh my gosh! I always attract the weirdos at the gym, too, and they always want to chat things up with me. Leave me alone, stinky weirdos! I just want to exercise in peace.