Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Neighborhood Safe House

When I was a kid and kids actually walked home from school without a parent, there were these "safe houses" or block houses I think they were called. Basically, some mom that stayed home had a sign up in the window that you could stop there if you needed help. I think the idea was that you knew there would be someone there that could assist you if Chester the Molester was following you. We always got a big lecture on the first day of school that you shouldn't stop there for a drink or a potty break, etc...
Well, I was out front watering and I noticed a little sign in the window facing the street. I think its been there a while. Best I can tell, its some type of signal, or sign, that this a is a safe place. Any little Pokemon or Picachu's or whoevers, can stop here. This is a Pokemon friendly zone! I took it down, but they keep reappearing. Mental note to self: Ask kids why we are displaying Pokemon cards in the front window. Also, note to self...clean the freaking windows!!!!

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pjtog said...

That is too funny. We had "Block Parents" too. I think a Pokemon sign is a sure sign that your house is very safe!