Monday, January 18, 2010

It's All Here!!

It's been a couple weeks, but finally getting around to this. Long story, I had a old single horse trailer that Brian left me. It was a serious pain to load Billy and that little single axle trailer didn't seem too safe. There was certainly no money for a bigger trailer. I'd priced them but the only thing that came close was a two horse straight load and that seemed like it would be hard to get the horse into also. A two horse slant load might as well have been a million. Then I get this phone call. It was incredible. I was out at the barn and my cell rings. Its the trainer. He asks how my truck is running and then asks if I have some money laying around. No. No money. But it turns out, he is hanging out with a mechanic friend (who had just fixed my Expedition which was on its last legs) and the mechanic had a horse trailer to sell. Cheap. A two horse slant load Logan that I had admired when he was working on the Expedition. I went to see it that night and the money appeared. I made a deal then and there and picked it up a week later. Could not believe my good fortune. Alas, good fortune only lasts so long. The Expedition heaved its final breath and I was forced (hee-hee!) to replace it. Got a pretty cute girls truck.... a 2010 Ford F150. I look at this and cannot believe its all MINE!
Take a look!

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Saimi said...

Congratulations!! How exciting for you and Billy! I bet Billy can't wait for his first ride in his new trailer, he's going to be stylin' The truck looks perfect!