Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Cuties

Well, the big day has come and gone. Hayden wanted to be Ash Ketchum, the legendary Pokemon trainer. Problem: They don't sell Ash costumes at Target. They do however, sell them on Ebay. For about $50. Not happening. Thanks to Grandma, we got a one of a kind Ash costume. The photo doesn't do it justice, his arms were blocking the vest, but she made it just from looking at a picture. Willow was a little simpler...she wanted to be a cowgirl. She already had jeans and boots and Hayden had a hat to loan her. A quick trip to the Boot Barn turned up a cowgirl shirt (from the boys section...ssshhh!) and she was set. She used Hayden's stick horse and pranced along the sidewalk. They aren't much for trick or treating, but we covered a few streets and got lots of candy. I had to eat it. Candy is bad for kids, you know!!

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pjtog said...

The kids look darling! Leave it to Hayden to be something unique! He is lucky he has such a talented grandma. Willow looks absolutely precious. I used to dress like that for real when I was her age. It was a 1950's thing!!We were even encouraged to have holster and gun sets :) My guns shot caps. You are probably too young to know what those are hee hee.