Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boiler Plant

When we were kids, we'd go with my mom all the time to pick up Dad's check before the bank closed. Dad worked at the Veteran's Administration Hospital for 39 years, running the steam boiler plant. He provided power to the whole hospital. It was always neat to go there, the door had an alarm that was LOUD when we went it and the boilers are huge, hot, loud machines. Not really child proofed. On the way out, Dad would open the little hatch and let us see the fire in the boiler. Good times. We took Dad and the kids up today to see the whole operation. They were duly impressed and learned a lot about how electricity is made. They even learned about condensate return and generators. Hayden thought it was just like being on the Science Channel. Willow thought it was loud and Dad just thought it was great having the kids see it all.

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pjtog said...

That sounds like a fascinating tour for the kids not to mention a wonderful bonding time for everyone!