Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Hound

So, I don't really like dogs. Sure, I like my dog. And I like other dogs I've had. And I like dogs that belong to people I know. I absolutely love my dog, Elleigh. She's the sweetest dog. I HATE strange dogs. I hate that half the town thinks the park next to my house is a dog park. Seriously, I carry pepper spray just to walk MY dog there. Everyone else lets their beasts run off leash. Doesn't help that BOTH the kids have been bitten (more on that later, Willow, now known as DogChow, got seen by the doc today about her scars. All good news on that front). As usual, I digress. Here's my oaf of a dog...and yeah, she likes to run, believe it or not. No matter that the judges on the Purina Dog Show said that you can time a basset with a calender. NOT NICE!
Here she is, all the way from Alabama....Elleigh


jamaise said...

How cute! He looks like a happy guy. I'll have to post pics of my Santos dog - you'd probably hate her if you met her. She's a yappy thing. It took me forever to lover her, but now I do :))) Very much so :))

pjtog said...

Elleigh looks like a champ to me! I love your writing style. You really could have a column. Not kidding.