Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coming clean!

I think its time I came clean about Billy. I only post and send pics of me riding him. Never with me on the ground. Its because I have a dirty little secret. He's not really a horse. Nope. Measured him and he's seriously a hair shy of horse height. I guess he would technically be a pony...maybe. But I can't admit it. So I did what any pony-fearing person would do. I coughed up the big bucks for horseshoes. Now, when you measure him....he's a horse. Just don't tell anyone how I did it. Was it worth it? You bet.
Here we are together. Me and my pony horse.


Saimi said...

Ha! you are too funny, I think Billy is perfect and you look great with him!! He's a lucky HORSE!!

Mary said...

Okay, I obviously know nothing about animals... A horse and a pony are the same thing, but classified according to their height??? Huh?

I'm thinking a short horse is just about the right size for you.