Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome WTF Wednesdays

Well, the time has come for me to jump on the WTF Wednesday bandwagon. I mean, why not? There's always something applicable going on around these parts. Here we go..

WTF... substitute calling system. Why do you have to be like a bad boyfriend, only calling when you're desperate, late at night? Why do you only want me when I have plans, but when I am broke and bored, I can't seem to find you? Seriously.

WTF hoodlums at the basketball court. Don't you see little kids waiting there for hours just to shoot some hoops? And if you're gonna hang out there, maybe just cut back on the outright swearing in front of kids and if you could lay off the dope too that would be great. Sheesh, we get the munchies after walking past the basketball court. And this is the good neighborhood??!

You too can join the WTF Wednesday bandwagon. I got all hooked up at Charming and Delightful.

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